Enhancing the Tourism Potential of the Municipalities of Kyustendil and Konche – a Sustainable Joint Future
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Construction of Transport and Pedestrian Access to Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall Natural Landmark

Location ‑ Municipality of Kyustendil, Bulgaria The Land of the Village of Polska Skakavitsa The present infrastructure investment works have improved the transport and pedestrian access to Polska Skakavitsa Waterfall natural landmark, announced natural site in 1968, and have made better the tourism infrastructure in its area. They are a part of the measures for tourism development in the region though use of the attractive nature potential within the territory of Kyustendil municipality. The Skakavitsa Waterfall is a landmark of really high natural and cultural significance. The main drop of the waterfall is 53 meters and the displacement between the highest point, where the waterfall starts, to the level of Struma River is 70 m. If the ranking of the Bulgarian waterfalls considers only the ones flowing all-year-around, then Skakavitsa Waterfall will be in one of the top positions. The investment activity focuses on rehabilitation of a municipal road section, construction of eco trails, parking place and resting and observing zones following the developed Technical Design. It has been implemented according to PRAG requirements and applicable national legislation. In general investment works activities consist of:

  • Subproject 1 – Rehabilitation of the municipal agricultural road and differentiation of areas for rest and observation in range PI 000760, PI 000754 and PI 000225 of Polska Skakavitsa land, Kyustendil Municipality.
  • Subproject 2 – Construction of eco trail and differentiation of areas for rest and observation in range of 000 219 Polska Skakavitsa land, Kyustendil Municipality.
  • Subproject 3 – Marking existing paths and placing temporary objects.

The investment activity implementation provides an extremely picturesque view to the Struma River valley, the fall rock massive and its surroundings. The achieved variety of pedestrian routes affords visitors an opportunity to get familiar with natural resources of the region. Following the routes around provides a possibility the fall to be observed from different points of view. Contractor implemented the investment work: Stroitelna Firma Rila Ltd, Kyustendil Period of implementation: 9 months, 2017-2018