Enhancing the Tourism Potential of the Municipalities of Kyustendil and Konche – a Sustainable Joint Future
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Urban landscaping and installation of urban equipment on the location

“Touristic Settlement Mantovo”


Location ‑ Municipality of Konche, Macedonia

Tourist Settlement Mantovo (Lake Mantovo)


The executed infrastructure investment works have improved the access to natural landmark near Mantovo Lake (Vlach Cottages), and have providing opportunity for stay of tourists and visitors.

The construction activities are part of the strategic goals and measures for tourism development in the region through use of the attractive nature potential within the territory of Konche municipality.

In terms of tourism, Lake Mantovo and its surroundings can offer numerous amenities such as: clean air, beautiful natural landscape with impressive volcanic shapes in the surroundings, diverse living world, peace and quiet that characterize the lake’s territory.

The lake is 15km from Konche, 18km from Radovish and 25km from Shtip. It is located in the north-west part of the municipality, near the villages Dolni Radesh, Gabrevci and Dolna Vrashtica. “Mantovo” has been built in the late 70’s of the last century with a dam construction on the river Kriva Lakavica. The dam has been built from rocks, with a clay core. The lake stretches from northwest to southeast, it is 4,5km long and 600-800m wide. The shore, which is 15,2km long is quite branched, with 6 prominent bays and several peninsulas.  The average altitude of the lake is 402m above sea level but it could oscillate a few meters, depending on the season. “Mantovo” could accumulate a maximum of 49 million cubic meters of water.

The investment activities focuses on providing access to the location, urban landscaping, installation of urban equipment, watering system and fencing following the Technical Design and tender documents. The process was conducted according to PRAG requirements and applicable national legislation.

In general investment works i.e. civil construction activities consist of:


  • Functional Solutions & Urban arrangements – Access from the regional road and parking area;
  • Small Gazebo;
  • Large Gazebo;
  • Vlach Cottages (3 units);
  • Paths inside the location;
  • Horticulture Arrangements;
  • Watering system for the green area; and
  • Fencing of the location.


The implementation  of the investment activity provides an extremely picturesque view to the Mantovo Lake and its surroundings and pleasant place for relaxing and recreation.

Contractor of the civil construction activities (“work”): “Univerzal Gradba” DOOEL, Strumica

Period of implementation: 7 months, 2017-2018